Shelley Thorene


Shelly Thorene
(530) 306-6785

Artist’s Statement

The camera is a tool that I use to focus my attention. It is my proverbial “third eye.” For me, the art of photography is a practice in awareness, a heightened awareness to my surroundings and to my inner self. I strive to be fully present in the moment, as a practice, every day. In that way, my subject matter is in, and all around me.

Photographic art is often thought of in terms of photographing something outside oneself such as an object or a landscape. The camera is not usually tool that comes to mind when thinking in terms of making the intangible visible. This is usually the realm of the painter or the poet. However, every artist, poet and musician is a conduit through which an idea or an emotion becomes an experience or artifact to share, making the invisible visible.

For me, the ultimate joy is in expressing what is in my heart and soul and creating something that resonates, deeply with the viewer. 

·        1993 Graduated from San Jose State University, B.A. Art (Emphasis in Photography)
·        Taught adult and children’s art classes in home art studio from 1996-2001 in San Jose.
·        Led Hands On The Arts workshops for 6 years, Sunnyvale, CA 1996-2001
·        Participated in group art exhibitions from San Francisco to New York from 1990 – 2000.
·        Former member of WORKS Gallery in San Jose volunteering as an Art Documentarian
·         Gallery Tonantzin member, San Juan Batista, CA 1990’s
·        Painted 3 public murals in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1999-2000
·        Contributing member and board member at Gold Country Artists Galley from 2002 – 2012.
·        Photojournalist at Mountain Democrat newspaper, Placerville, CA 2010 – 2018.
·        Currently a freelance photographer specializing in professional business portraits, creating photo packages for businesses to increase brand awareness and weekend sports photographer with Captivating Sports Photography.