Here is a series of interviews of Manzanita writers & friends & artists on KQBM’s Everywoman’s Hour with Kat Everitt, host. 

Donna Bohlin Sammons – Sutter Creek artist and Voices of Wisdom writer

Callie Kitchen – Columbia College English Professor & Manzanita Board member

Mary Sexton – MAE gallery artist at MAE & owner of Whim, Sip N Paint Parties

Patty Payne – MAE gallery artist acrylics & oils, cards, prints

Joy Roberts, MWP Finance Director & Volunteer Center affiliate

Chrys Mollett, MWP Events Director, MAE

Cristi Canepa – photographer on consignment at MAE

Lisa Michelle, writer, columnist & filmmaker in West Point

Denella Kimura, poet & writer from Sonora — and Monika Rose, Director of MWP, editor,poet, writer

Monika Rose, MWP editor and Suzanne Murphy, MWP Publicity Director, editor, poet

Connie Strawbridge, Layout Designer and Sally Kaplan, MWP Board member and Backcountry Pictures producer & director, writer & community organizer

13th Annual Goldrush Writers Conference in Mokelumne Hill with founding director Antoinette May, and Goldrush Coordinator, Sally Kaplan

Mokelumne artist Anne Cook, of Acme Art Studio

Monika Rose, Manzanita Writers Press Director & editor

Helen Bonner, author