Ty Childress


About the photographer:

Ty was born in Kentfield, CA. He earned his love of photography while tagging along with his father, Clyde Childress, staff photographer for Sunset Magazine.

Most of Ty’s school years were spent in Palo Alto. He received a B.S. in Bio. Sci. and a teaching credential from U.C. Davis. His heart was drawn to the foothills of Calaveras County after a two-day raft trip on the Stanislaus River in the 1960s. He’s worked as a river guide, a rammed earth builder, a reporter, a newspaper photographer, and an elementary school teacher. Now retired from teaching, he spends his days traveling and helping tend the Wild Geese Garden Herb Plant Nursery with its owner, Jayne, his wife and helpmate of 34 years. He currently resides on an unnamed tributary of Jesus Maria Creek.