Vicki resides in Angels Camp, now, after many years of enjoying the state of Washington. She and her husband are avid sailors and enjoy the ocean, but love our forested and oak-studded region. Vicki loves to create fine, handcrafted knitting from a variety of yarns, including alpaca, camel, wool blends, and acrylic. She even used bamboo and other materials, creating hats, caps, scarves, wraps, shawls, baby outfits, and more.  She fashions whimsical and lovely cancer caps, all ages, plus baby things, baby hats & wraps, and more.

Perk up a black dress and warm shoulders and lonely locks with a shawl and a hat. Dress up the babies and wee ones in your life with lovely knitted outfits and matching hats. Perfect gifts for those who have everything, except a few of these wonderful knitted masterpieces, one of a kind, made by loving and skillful hands.

Vicki Mannix knitted textiles