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Manzanita Writers Press, the nonprofit 501(c)3                corporation is a literary publisher and nonprofit arts organization. We bring creative people together–        writers, readers, musicians, and artists–through          classes,  receptions, workshops, anthologies, book                   publishing, classes, lectures, and events in the Mother Lode region of California. Our location in the   scenic, rural Sierra Nevada foothills of Calaveras          County is inspirational to the many writers and                artists who reside here and in the surrounding               rural counties.                                                            
Manzanita Writers Press has published 35 books, with ten more in the works through 2021. We host author readings, workshops, and events, publish books, and promote the literary and visual arts in Calaveras,  Amador, and Tuolumne Counties. Manzanita publishes works by regional writers and those with a   connection to the Mother Lode and Sierra, but we are not limited in that scope. MWP also prints Manzanita:   Poetry and Prose of the Mother                  Lode and Sierra, a series of literary community anthologies that represent writers across the nation writing about this region. One anthology, Out of        the Fire, reflects poignant and inspirational writing    and photography based on the 2015 Butte Fire, the       7th most destructive fire in California history. We        host Voices of Wisdom writing classes for seniors,         with accompanying anthologies.                                       

Special thanks to our major      sponsor of the Manzanita Arts Emporium and Manzanita             Writers Press for their                  dedication to the arts in    Angels Camp and Calaveras      County:                                           

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Manzanita Writers Press nurtures and sustains the literary and arts community of Calaveras County and the foothill region of the Mother Lode and Sierra.


Manzanita Writers Press  offers  dynamic community support for literary arts, education, cultural and historical education, and visual and performing arts benefiting the rural culture of Calaveras County and local foothill region. It operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. Operating a center for the arts;
  2. Conducting and hosting educational, cultural, artistic, literary, and research programs;
  3. Engaging in all activities that will further, and are consistent with, the mission of the Corporation, including, but not limited to, lectures, workshops, events, exhibits, conferences, presentations to groups, panel discussions, education, publishing projects, and public relations.

        MWP Services:

  • Facilitate the Writers Unlimited critique group. Organize readings, events, and workshops. Network with writing communities across the state.
  • Publish local, regional, and other area writers, whether in launching a career, or nurturing a more experienced writer.
  • Assist selected project writers in procuring funding, editing and promotional services, and other needs of the publishing process.
  • Train/Mentor Volunteer Editors and staff members.
  • Sponsor and host Writers Workshops, Classes, and Conferences in our region
  • Maintain a Writers Network with organizations across the country to assist our members
  • Conduct writing and technology classes and provide educational lectures, workshops, and classes for the public

Interview with Monika Rose & Suzanne  Murphy, MWP Directors and Editors       

Board of Directors

Monika Rose . . . President, Director, Editor-in-Chief

Mary Sexton . . . Vice-President & Gallery Director

Joy Roberts . . . Treasurer, Finance Director, Editor

Patricia Grant. . . Secretary, Program Director

Linda Toren . . . Voices of Wisdom Director & Editor

 Joyce Dedini . . . Graphic Designer, Book Layout Designer

Susan Barich . . . Grants & Planning Director & Editor

Starlin Patrick . . . Distribution Manager

Kathy Boyd Fellure . . . Amador Writer Network Director & Editor


Manzanita  Arts Emporium ONLINE is filled with the works of these fine artists . . .

Jan Alcalde, Murphys – Photography, watercolor, giclee, fine art prints and cards

Shay Baker, Sheep Ranch – oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, photography, fine art cards & prints

Irene Baldwin – Frog prints and memorabilia – live frog poses in the most unlikely places! You will have to see these to believe it. Amazing antics of frogs.

Sherri Bloomer, Arnold – silversmith, jeweler

Kevin Brady, Mokelumne Hill – watercolors, cartoon art & illustrations, acrylic – framed work, prints, cards

Bobbette Budworth, Arnold – Fused glass artist, pendants, plates/bowls and more

Rory Erbeck, Vallecito – Hardwood Cutting Boards, one-of-a-kind, made from exotic and local hardwoods, intricate designs, food-grade ready.

Victoria Fout, Angels Camp – abstract whimsical fantastical acrylic paintings, all sizes from the very large to miniature.

Angela Harmon, Arnold – acrylics, oils, watercolor, mixed media

Vicki Mannix, Angels Camp – hand-crafted knits & textiles from many types of fibers – wool, angora, camel, silk, acrylic, and more. Hats, scarves, wraps, shawls, caps, and more.

Chrys Mollett, Murphys  – oils, acrylics, prints, cards.

Twyla Olsen, Sonora – acrylic artist; Southwestern colors; landscapes, cards, prints

Patty Payne, Sheep Ranch – Equestrian and bovine framed art – abstract acrylics, fine art photography, large canvas/acrylic paintings, with natural frames from Mother Lode wood, prints, cards

Gary Rose, Mountain Ranch – Hard-edge Design acrylic wall sculptures – Large, geometric abstract paintings, cards.

Mary Sexton, Murphys – Acrylic, watercolor, oils – prints and framed pieces. Whim paint parties available. Contact Mary at 770-5818 or marysexton@comcast.net

Shelley Thorene, Angels Camp – Photographer

Pete & Barb Conroy – photography & art

Ty Childress – Photography